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Karen - open up your mind

The problem? Often when you’re in a highly negative state, then fluffy, hyperbolic, one-size-fits-all peppy affirmations will simply feel like false hype – and you’ll have trouble absorbing them into your thought system.

* Practice meditation – Developing your abilities to the fullest requires raising your vibration.  When you raise your own  vibrational frequency, then you are more closely matched to the frequency or energy level that psychic vibrations ride on.  Meditation allows you to raise your vibrational frequency by helping you to find, and hold a state of inner peace and serenity.  From this state you are better able to pick up on the subtle messages from your Angels and Spirit Guides, and this allows you to tap into the highest universal truths.  Journal about your meditation experiences, and it will help you to be more mentally and emotionally connected to receiving, and processing extra sensory information.

Karen - Open Up Your MindKaren - Open Up Your MindKaren - Open Up Your MindKaren - Open Up Your Mind