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Buckethead - monsters and robots

Paloma Faith calls her fourth album a “social observation record”, and it begins with a spoken-word intro from Samuel L Jackson, who tells us, “Do not be fearful of evolution…

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Gigan, as a cyborg, possesses a circular saw in his abdomen and razor-sharp hooked blades in place of hands, which the monster uses to both batter and stab his opponents. According to Zone Fighter , the tips of the hooks can also release an explosive charge on contact with an enemy (Gigan's hooks were replaced with double chainsaws after being initially defeated by Godzilla in Final Wars ). In addition, Godzilla Island and Final Wars also give Gigan an optically-mounted laser and the Final Wars version of his eye laser was named Giganume Cluster in Godzilla: The Game . He was also equipped with jetpacks and grappling hooks . The Pipeworks trilogy gave Gigan the ability to teleport, as well. Final Wars also introduced Gigan's ability to shoot boomerang Circular saw blades which were named Blooded Slicer in Godzilla: The Game . However his shuriken boomerang effect turned out to be a double-edge sword as they unintentionally ended up killing him in the climax of the film.

In 1988 after leaving the band Class-X, Carroll entered a song called "Brazos" into a Guitar Player magazine contest. It was a runner-up, with editors raving:

Like other Disney characters, the Prince received many cameos in House of Mouse , but for him they were always non-speaking. He was usually seen at a table with Snow White.

Buckethead - Monsters And RobotsBuckethead - Monsters And RobotsBuckethead - Monsters And RobotsBuckethead - Monsters And Robots